MoneySense Ranks 209 Canadian Cities


MoneySense’s rankings emphasize economic considerations. This list differs from others as summarized by this statement:

We feel there is a strong correlation between the economics of a city and type of life you are able build there for your family. Everyone wants to live in a beautiful part of the country, away from sub-Arctic conditions, but we question how much you’ll be able to enjoy a city if you have to work all the time—or if you can’t find work at all.

The top ten cities are:

1. Boucherville, Quebec

2. Ottawa, Ontario

3. Burlington, Ontario

4. St. Albert, Alberta

5. Blainville, Quebec

6. Oakville, Ontario

7. Stratford, Ontario

8. Lévis, Quebec

9. North Vancouver, B.C.

10. Quebec City, Quebec

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