Rob Carrick Ranks the Best and Worst Online Brokers in Canada


Rob Carrick, a personal finance columnist for The Globe and Mail, is one of our favourite Canadian commentators on all things financial.

His post about online brokers in Canada goes into significant detail about the various brokers along with meaningful ratings.  We recommend checking out his rankings before choosing an online broker.

Qtrade is number one on his list and remains our favourite as well.


Canadian Energy Sector


There has been a lot of talk lately about the Canadian energy sector and how Canada is poised to be a leader in energy production, if managed well.

In regards to investing in the energy sector, George Soros, an investor with a praised track record, has recently placed his bet on our energy sector.

Financial post has an excellent article on the subject that we recommend checking out: George Soros is betting on the Canadian energy sector. Should you too?