Free 8″ Samsung Galaxy Tab A when you switch to TD Bank


There are of course conditions and requirements (open an account and complete specific tasks like a direct deposit and bill-payment) to get this promotion so do read the fine print at the TD website.

The trade off with these kind of promotions is the monthly service fees you will have to incur. Make sure you do a cost-benefits analysis to make sure you’re still coming out ahead over the long run.

We liked this deal better when it was an iPad.

AB Only: Get $350 for Opening an Account with ATB Financial


See ATB Financial’s page about this offer.  It appears to run until September of 2015.

Accounts have a monthly fee with the smallest being $3.95 with the exception of a no-fee student account.  Expected criteria appies: moving over direct deposits or pre-authorized payments and having to wait several months before collecting your reward.

President’s Choice Financial offering 2.6% Interest until June 30, 2015

President’s Choice Financial and Tangerine are amongst two of our favourite banks and they both tend to offer similar deals and promotions.

Right now President’s Choice Financial has a promotion that involves:

Enrol by May 15 to earn 2.6%* interest until June 30, 2015 on new deposits combined across these accounts:

-Interest Plus savings account

-No fee bank account

Check out their page about the 2.6% promotion.