Amazon Canada Credit Card Great for Travellers


Amazon’s Visa Rewards credit card offers a unique feature that will be of interests to Canadians who often travel outside of the country.  There are no foreign currency transactions fees: “Foreign currency transactions are converted at the exchange rate set by Visa International, without additional surcharges.”

This is also a no annual fee card with offers cash back rewards (2% for purchase from Amazon Canada, 1% everywhere else) and a $20 gift certificate upon approval.

40,000 TELUS Rewards Points ($400) with a new CIBC Chequing Account

There are a few steps required to getting this promo (CIBC chequing account, apply for Telus CIBC Visa, amongst others).  However, if you are presently utilizing services through Telus then you should be able to quickly spend the rewards point and save yourself $400.

Learn more about this promotion at the CIBC website.